Goldfield Ghost Town 

Goldfield, Arizona
"Gateway to the Legendary
Superstition Mountains"

Photos: Sarah Bel Gray 

VIDEO from the Travel Channel 2008

The boomtown of Goldfield is located off of Mammoth Mine Road situated at the base of the Superstition Mountains. With the discovery of mines in 1892, Goldfield became a booming community boasting a population of 5 thousand people, 3 saloons, boarding houses, a hotel and a general store. There were 50 working mines in the district. The legendary Lost Dutchman Mine still debated today as whether is has ever been rediscovered. The Superstition Mountains draw adventurers seeking lost gold as well as recreational riches.

Today, Goldfield offers an interesting guided tour of a reconstructed section of the old Mammoth Mine and hosts several unique shops, a saloon, brothel, bakery, leather works, jail,  livery, a narrow gauge railway and the Goldfield Museum.

The first floor of the Goldfield museum has an extensive picture history of Goldfield dating back to 1893 as well as a complete collection of Lost Dutchman, Apache Trail and Superstition Mountain artifacts.  This old museum will also be home to a collection of authentic movie artifacts that were filmed at Goldfield, the historic Apache Trail and Apache Junction. Movies such as Jerry McGuire, Raising Arizona, Lust for Gold, Charro, Ballad of Cable Hogue and many others were filmed at various locations surrounding the Superstition Mountains.

Walk in to an authentic 1880's vault where you will see cement footprints of western stars such as Jason Robards, Steve McQueen, Warren Oates and many others that were originally at Apacheland Movie Ranch. Accompanying each display will be authentic autographs of the cowboys they portrayed. Autographs will include the real outlaw, JESSE JAMES as well as Annie Oakley, John Wayne and William F. Cody "Buffalo Bill". The second floor will house original cast-signed movie posters and autograph books.

Stew Cook Off - January
Chili Cook Off - February
Lost Dutchman Days - February
Mule Days - March
Goldfield Gunfighters Opening Season - November
Christmas Nights - December

The Goldfield Gunfighters perform weekends November - April

DIRECTIONS to Goldfield Ghost Town

Goldfield Ghost Town at the base of the Superstition Mtns.

Judge Geraldo, Windy Bill, Stumbleweed, Capt.Ball 1995

photo by Lights View Photo 2011

Capt.Ball, Delque Withan R, Windy BIll, Gordon fighting Judge Geraldo

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Windy Bill, Gnarley, Chilean Fryes and Dusty Bottoms 2011





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